Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Back!

I've decided I want to start using this blog to post make-up & nail looks. I have a livejournal account I use for all my personal things as I like to keep them as personal as possible. I really need to keep up with my 101 things in 1001 days too.

I'm going on vacation this weekend so start looking for looks next week :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What do they put in this stuff..

I have been sick since Wednesday (fun). It started with a sore throat and cough which I could handle. Then it turned into a horrible sinus thing. My nose is so stuffed up and I feel like my head is about to burst with all the pressure. I've been taking some sort of cough meds to help me sleep at night and man does it ever give me weird dreams. I keep dreaming about work and making sure to "jeopardy manage" my life. It's been a strange few nights.

I really have nothing to blog about...

Well I had lunch with my MIL yesterday and she told us some not so good news. I'm still kinda in shock and don't really know how to take it.

I will be posting a "Monday Make-up Look" tomorrow - however it won't be a new look as I'm sick and I don't feel like wearing make-up but I was going through a lot of my old looks and found a few I really like so I'll pick my favourite and post it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's time to go home when...

Have you ever been so tired at work and clearly not paying attention that when you are trying to send a message to your techs to see how much longer they will be at their call you send them this instead...

"hey - just seeing how much longer you will be on your girl?"

YUP - that's right I SAID IT. GOOD times. It was even funnier that I did not notice at all and the tech had to call in and point it out. THANKS.

I have no idea what I was thinking.. but I think it was my last night of reciting "The Wedding Singer" all night long at work...

PS - I know I said I'd do a look on Monday.. well I'm sick and I haven't even been wearing make-up.(shocker I know). Whenever I start making magic again I will share. I'm hoping this Monday.
no promises though

Friday, January 29, 2010

Update - 1 - 101 things in 1001

I decided instead of trying to update my list everytime I do something that I will update on Fridays. Today will be the first! Since I started this blog I have come up with ideas I'd love to post about but just never had the time well I guess MADE the time. No more of that! Let's get started!

18 – stay off the internet for 24 hours
- this one was pretty easy. I went away for the last two days so I wasn't on the internet at all for 24hrs..

19 – go to a new bar and DANCE
- now this one is only half way crossed off I guess but it's the most important part. After weeks, months even years of trying to plan a girls night out it finally happened. I decided I won't be the wall flower anymore and I got up on that dance floored and danced danced! -As much as I don't want to admit it because I know a certain someone who reads this blog will hold me to it but I LOVED it. Can't wait to go out again!

finish the true blood books (2/10)

- I'm the type of reader who gets bored very easily. I will get right into a book then I'm just like "blah". I finally finished the second book of the True Blood series and I started to read the third but I decided I wanted to wait till the new season on TV comes out first. In the meantime I'm going to read Push.

49 – go away for our third wedding anniversary
- We wanted to go away for the whole weekend but with my husband going on night shift and me already not getting enough hours at work we decided to just go away for the night and it was AMAZING!. We stayed at the hotel where we got married then went for a hot stone massage the following day. It was such a relaxing two days I truly didn't want it to end. Now we are back to reality and back to work.

That's all for now! I'm hoping to start a "Monday make-up look". If you're lucky it might just be THIS monday ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Good to be Wrong

Yesterday I show up to work 20 minutes earlier so I could sit down, get all my stuff together and check my work emails. I'm scanning through them deleting all the old ones that have nothing to do with me and I come across one that says "Performance Review" my heart sank. I know that I have been doing a good job at work but I just wasn't ready for that. I had no choice I was already at work no calling in sick now.

I walk into the room trying to act calm (I've just always hated these things). I come to find out my review was for only August-Nov so when I was still brand new and my old TM was the one who wrote it up (great). On a scale from 1-4 (4 being the best) all I got was 2's. Which I did understand because hello I was still really new when they did this "review". The other manager who was in the room as well just popped in and said "I have to tell you something" I was terrified it was going to be something horrible! She just told me that out of everyone who was hired in August I was the biggest surprise to her. She admitted she didn't want to hire me but the other TM at the time told her to just give me the chance. She said she admits when she is wrong and she was wrong about me! I have to say IT'S GOOD TO BE WRONG!. I was actually shocked to hear this but at the same time I understood her hesitation because she was worried I was going to be to easy on the techs because my husband was one at one time or another. Overall my review was great! I'm staying in Ottawa (it's my home away from home). For the first time in my life I really do enjoy my job.

I'm glad they love me but really, why wouldn't they? ;)

PS - Don't worry I haven't forgotten about my 101 things!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

101 things in 1001 days

Start Date – December 6th 2009

End Date – September 2nd 2012

1 – Write a 101 things in 1001 (yes I cheated but it is something I wanted to do!

2 – become a mother (this is something I've wanted for awhile now but we've had many things get in the way - I feel this is our year)

3 – learn a new language

4 – change my hairstyle – something fun & crazy

5 – go driving more often so I’m not afraid to be on the road

6 – get my license

7 – make a new friend

8 – take a trip of out the country

9 – spend a day cooking meals to freeze

10 – make meals at home for a month

11 – go see a movie by myself

12 – no starbucks for a month

13 – have a girls weekend away

14 – get another tattoo

15 – get healthy – it’s not about weight I just wanna feel good

16 – go for a walk every night

17 – learn to knitt

18 – stay off the internet for 24 hours

19 – go to a new bar and DANCE

20 – finishing painting my house – it’s been two years I think it’s time!

21 – donate to a charity

22 – sponsor a family for christmas

23 – go to New York to see a broadway show

24 – eat at a Gordon Ramsey resturant

25 – not wear make-up for a week straight

26 – try a new mascara (I’ve been using the same kind for months)

27 – swim with dolphins

28 – spend an entire day with my husband doing whatever he wants

29 – spend an entire day with my husband doing whatever I want

30 – have an insane 25th birthday party

31 – spend an entire day pampering myself

32 – learn to bake

33 – go to the Ellen show

34 – get my childhood scrapbook up to date

35 – finish my wedding scrapbook

36 – don’t say anything negative for one day (I wanted to say a week but that’s really pushing it)

37 – walk a mile

38 – watch one star wars movie – just to say I did

39 – become a youtube make-up guru

40 – no shopping for a month

41 – stay awake for 24 hrs and play rockband.

42 – finish the true blood books (2/10)

43 – get a new camera

44 – not login to facebook for a whole week

45 – be a MOH (come on Coca get married!)

46 – crash a wedding (Kathy wanna join me, I have one in mind :p)

47 – just go for a drive and see where we end up

48 – surprise my husband

49 – go away for our third wedding anniversary

50 – spend a full day with my nephews

51 – finish this list

52 – dance in the rain

53 – go fishing

54 – watch the food network all afternoon for meal ideas

55 – host a dinner party

56 – go to ikea and not buy a single thing (this is really hard for me)

57 – go shopping in the states

58 – get a passport

59 – go snowboarding/skiing/tubing (I don’t judge)

60 – spend the night on the beach

61 – go camping for a week

62 – organize my house

63 – donate things I never use/touched

64 – volunteer at a soup kitchen

65 – buy something offline (never done this before – I know like hello 2010!)

66 – partner with a photographer to do make-up on clients

67 – go see a movie at the drive-in

68 – spend a day pampering my mom (she really deserves it)

69 – get through one day of work without a tech hitting on me

70 – go to walmart at 3am

71 – eat italian meals for a week (my husband will love this!)

72 – come up with my own “signature dish”

73 – start posting “looks of the day” for make-up

74 – go to the calgary stampede

75 – have a big christmas get together

76 – make Christmas dinner

77 – knitt a blanket for a baby

78 – design my child’s nursery

79 – update my blog everyday for a week

80 – invest in some more make-up

81 – not buy any new make-up for 3 months (unless it’s required like mascara, foundation)

82 – wear scarves everyday for a week

83 – buy some crazy socks

84 – make a wish at a wishing well

85 – buy green apple beer (my fave)

86 – try new wines

87 – spend a day with my Dad

88 – spend a day with my sisters

89 – stop picking at my face

90 – practice, practice for #1 ;)

91 – volunteer with children

92 – do something nice for someone just because

93 – take a chance

94 – get my teeth whitened

95 – swim in the ocean

96 – spend a day watching Christmas movie – not around Christmas (I’m a rebel I know)

97 – go line dancing

98 – take a photography course

99 – write a letter to myself and open in 10 years

100 – go see a sports event live

101 – see P!nk live – love her!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well hello blogger world! A dear friend of mine convinced me to make a blog and then left me all alone on wordpress. After watching her blog for a few weeks I decided blogger is where I need to be. Wordpress just doesn't give me the creative freedom I want/need to make my blog totally me! Like most people I do have a 101 things in 1001 days. I am currently in the process of editing it because there are a few silly things on there and I would like to replace with something that has a little more substance. - So watch out for it coming in a few days!